Company Adjuster Definition

626.856  "Company employee adjuster" defined.—A "company employee adjuster" means a person licensed as an all-lines adjuster who is appointed and employed on an insurer's staff of adjusters or a wholly owned subsidiary of the insurer, and who undertakes on behalf of such insurer or other insurers under common control or ownership to ascertain and determine the amount of any claim, loss, or damage payable under a contract of insurance, or undertakes to effect settlement of such claim, loss, or damage.

Levels of Xactimate Certification

Xactimate offers a program which certifies the user's proficiency in the use of Xactimate. The user can be tested on three levels. The Level 1 Certification  is the easiest and recognizes that the user has acquired the basic knowledge and skill in the use of Xactimate. The Level 2 Certification is more difficult and demonstrates that the user has mastered more than just the fundamental skills to use this software. The Level 3 certification is substantively more difficult to pass than the Level 2 certification and confirms that the user has mastered the use of Xactimate and can be considered an expert in matters relating to the use of this product. However, to understand how these levels of certification differ, one must first understand what material the user master before they can pass the test.

Each of the three levels of certification is divided into three sections. The difficulty of the test increases in proportion to the level of certification. The amount of questions and the size the sketch difficulty increases with each level of certification. Click on the links above for specific details concerning each certification. The three sections of testing are as follows:

  • Sketch and Scope Lab.
  • Practical Exam.
  • Knowledge Exam.

The Sketch and Scope Lab require the user to create both a sketch and a damage repair estimate. Xactimate provides room dimensions for walls, roofs, floors, missing walls, doors, and windows, and expects the users to create an accurate estimate based upon dictated dimensions and the stated scope or repairs. It is very important that this segment of the test be done accurately. In the Practical Exam questions will be asked as it relates to the prepared estimate. This portion of the test is not timed and the estimator exit and return from this section of the test as they see fit.

The Practical Exam consists of a 30- 40 questions and is based on the estimate prepared in the Sketch and Scope portion of the exam. The test may ask you to identify the amount of square feet on the walls or floor. The amount of carpet needed to cover the floor in a room. The total liner feet of baseboard in a room. The total liner feet of trim need to cover window openings. How many squares of shingles are to be removed from the roof? What is the liner foot of ridge cap on the roof and more? So you can see it is important to prepare your sketch and estimate accurately if you are to pass this portion of the test. This portion of the test is time and generally takes between 30- 90 minutes.

The Knowledge Exam consists of 30-40 questions and is based on learning objectives established by Xactimate. In other words, they want you to understand how their product works. I have found this portion of the exam to be the hardest. Most of us have certain ways we prepare a claim. Xactimate contains bells and whistles that I may just choose not to use, but Xactimate still wants me to know that they exist and how they are used. This portion of the test requires me to be knowledgeable about all portions and areas of Xactimate. Some of the leaning objective descriptions are as follows: Managing parameter, notes, labor burdens, tags, and importing contact information. Demonstrating and understanding in sketch, use of Xactanalysis, importing a floor plan, group filters, tools, importing price lists, calculating waste, understanding value abbreviations and expressions, calculating area under a stairway, and so much more.

Public Adjusting Services

AA Florida Public Adjusting Agency is dedicated to providing quality service to our clients. Our services specialize in fire and water loss claims We take pride in our work and in our ability to help those whose lives and businesses have been devastated by loss. Our goal is to serve you, our client, and to assist you to receive full compensation for all damages covered under your policy.

Why you may need a Public Adjuster's Service

Full compensation for your claim may involve several key components, including hiring a Public Adjuster with knowledge. Your Public Adjuster represents you, the property or business owner, and not the insurance company. Proper documentation, thorough assessment of damages, proper estimate of repair costs, and knowledge of your insurance policy form the basis of full and proper compensation. Even if your claim has already been settled, your claim may be reopened to receive additional compensation for legitimate covered expenses or damages which were either not addressed or were underpaid.

Why you should retain Our Services

We have over 30 years of combined experience in the construction and insurance field and have successively closed thousands of property claims. Our goal is to present your claim as quickly as possible and for you to receive a fair and just settlement. We will help you organize and document your personal property loss for more rapid and thorough submission to your insurance company. We are also experienced in Ordinance or Law, Additional Living Expenses, policy endorsements, and other facets of your policy critical to insurance compensation.

What Our services provide

When necessary, I will do some or all of the following: Examine criteria and facts to determine if your claim is covered. Gather and organize the important facts to substantiate claim coverage and present them to your insurance company. Prepare a detailed building estimate. Prepare an inventory estimate of damaged personal property. Assist in gathering information for Additional Living Expenses. Deal directly with your insurance company. ProviAssist in preparing a Sworn Statement in Proof of Loss when requested by your insurance company. Document your claim with photos. Document your claim with written letters. Advise you what your policy pays and what is required of you. I may attend a mediation meeting and officiate as your appraiser. And much more.

We work on a contingency basis, so we get paid only when the insurer makes a payment on your claim.

IAUA Certified Directory Member

Gary Ahrens is proud member of IAUA, Insurance Appraisal and Umpire Association. He has successfully passed the necessary examinations and is has been awarded with the designation of Certified Property Appraiser and Umpire or CPAU. Please visit the website of IAUA and download the Certified Directory for all of the members that chose to list their background and credentials.

The benefit of the IAUA website allows the searcher to gather information concerning the expertise of employed  within the industry. The homeowner might find an appraiser to represent them in appraisal. Judges might use this website to locate an appropriate individual  to appoint as an umpire..Appraisers can use this information to help make a selection when agreeing on an umpire with the opposing appraiser.  I present my listing as it appears on the IAUA website.

Gary Laird Ahrens, CPAU

Ahrens Appraisal Service, LLC

P.O. Box 630

Arcadia, Fl 34265

Tel (941) 661-9361     FAX (888) 993-3760

Email:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Present Occupation:

Umpire/Appraiser/Public Adjuster/Consultant

Professional Licensures:

Florida Public Adjuster - License # A002288

Other Relevant Information:

Knowledge of policy, scope of damages, & accurate repair estimates should determine the amount of loss rather than professional alliances. An umpire should assist in settling differences by encouraging an honest scope, a proper estimate, and request the appraisers support their differing position with facts. Licensed as an adjuster in Florida from 1997 - present, his experience, knowledge of policies, building codes, and Xactimate software combine in producing a fair and honest appraisal. Visit www.aafpaa.com for additional qualifications and information.


Industry Experience:

Independent Adjuster                    10 Years              Public Adjuster                    7 Years

Expert Consultant                            4 Years               Appraiser/Umpire               7 Years

Licensed Fl. Tile Contractor          14 Years

Educational/Professional Background:

Bachelor of Arts, Bob Jones University                                  1978

Crawford University- Adjuster training                                   1999

Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters              2007-2014

Windstorm Insurance Network                                                 2008-2014

IAUA Certified Property Insurance Umpire CPIU                   2012-2014

IAUA Certified Property Insurance Umpire CPIA                    2013-2014

Xactimate Certified: Level 3 (Expert Certification)                  2009-2015



Gary Ahrens is a Florida Public Adjuster, who draws from a wealth of experience. He is a Florida native, and during the 80s and 90s he owned a tile and marble contracting business.

Gary Ahrens Licensed in Florida as an independent insurance adjuster in 1997, he is experienced in a wide-range of loss caused by wind, flood, fire, water overflow, sewer backup, collapse, under the slab leaks, lightning, theft, vandalism, and hail. He became licensed as a Florida public adjuster in 2007. He has now chosen to represent you, the insured, and is well qualified to handle your claim and to see that you receive an equitable and prompt settlement. Your policy along with its endorsements determines whether your loss is covered, and not the personal opinion of any insurance adjuster.

Gary is a proud member of the Wind Network and has been certifed as an appraiser and umpire. He also hold a CPAU designation, Certified Property Insurance Appraiser and Umpire, with the Insurance Appraisal and Umpire Association, Inc., IAUA. 

He has been certified by Xactimate with a - Xactimate Level 3 certification and can produce a damage estimate with exacting details outlining your insurance loss. This ability puts you on a level playing field with the insurance companies.

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