Florida Insurance Adjusters 626.852 

Florida Statute 626.852 helps to define an insurance adjuster in the State of Florida.

This definition does not apply to life insurance or annuity contracts, third-party administrators, employee or agent of university board , or adjusting of multiple-peril crop insurance.

(1) This part applies only to insurance adjusters as defined in this part.
(2)  Unless otherwise required by context, the term "adjusters" as used in this part applies to all licensees defined as any type of adjuster.
(3) This part does not apply as to life insurance or annuity contracts.
(4)  This part does not apply to third-party administrators or a person employed by a third-party administrator holding a certificate of authority pursuant to ss. 626.88-626.894.
(5) This part does not apply to any employee or agent of a state university board of trustees providing services in support of any self-insurance program created under former s. 240.213 or s. 1004.24.
(6) This part does not apply to any person who adjusts only multiple-peril crop insurance or crop hail claims.