626.865 Public adjuster’s qualifications, bond

Below you will find various qualifications that a person must meet before they can be licensed as a Florida Public Adjuster. Aperson must be 18 years old and a citizens of the United States or  legal alien. They must be trust worthy and experienced. In addtional to these, the public adjuster must be bonded and pass a written test. In most instances they must serve first as an apprentice. Read carefully below and see if you would qualify.

  (1)The department shall issue a license to an applicant for a public adjuster’s license upon determining that the applicant has paid the applicable fees specified in s.624.501and possesses the following qualifications:

 (a)Is a natural person at least 18 years of age.

  (b)Is a United States citizen or legal alien who possesses work authorization from the United States Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services and a bona fide resident of this state.

  (c)Is trustworthy and has such business reputation as would reasonably assure that the applicant will conduct his or her business as insurance adjuster fairly and in good faith and without detriment to the public.

  (d)Has had sufficient experience, training, or instruction concerning the adjusting of damages or losses under insurance contracts, other than life and annuity contracts, is sufficiently informed as to the terms and effects of the provisions of those types of insurance contracts, and possesses adequate knowledge of the laws of this state relating to such contracts as to enable and qualify him or her to engage in the business of insurance adjuster fairly and without injury to the public or any member thereof with whom the applicant may have business as a public adjuster.

  (2)At the time of application for license as a public adjuster, the applicant shall file with the department a bond executed and issued by a surety insurer authorized to transact such business in this state, in the amount of $50,000, conditioned for the faithful performance of his or her duties as a public adjuster under the license for which the applicant has applied, and thereafter maintain the bond unimpaired throughout the existence of the license and for at least 1 year after termination of the license. The bond shall be in favor of the department and shall specifically authorize recovery by the department of the damages sustained in case the licensee is guilty of fraud or unfair practices in connection with his or her business as public adjuster. The aggregate liability of the surety for all such damages shall in no event exceed the amount of the bond. Such bond shall not be terminated unless at least 30 days’ written notice is given to the licensee and filed with the department.

    (3)The department may not issue a license as a public adjuster to any individual who hasnot passed the examination for a public adjuster’s license. Any individual who is applying for reinstatement of a license after completion of a period of suspension and any individual who is applying for a new license after termination, cancellation, revocation, or expiration of a prior license as a public adjuster must pass the examination required for licensure as a public adjuster after approval of the application for reinstatement or for a new license regardless of whether the applicant passed an examination prior to issuance of the license that was suspended, terminated, canceled, revoked, or expired.