Reasons to Hire a Public Adjuster

It would appear you are in need of a Florida public adjuster's assistance on your claim. As you have probably found, there are many public adjusters in the State of Florida. So, how do you decide who to use? While nice websites are important, they do not always give a precise indication of what the public adjusts is really like. What you need is someone who will be honest with you and fair with your insurance company. You need someone who will bring your claim to closure as soon as possible but only when it is your best interest. Listed below are 6 reasons why I believe AA Florida Public Adjusting Agency, LLC may be your best choice when hiring a Florida public adjuster.

1. I am a seasoned adjuster. That means I have been around for awhile.  I attempt to anticipate the next move of your insurance company. In this business, when a particular insurance company tries to deny or underpay your loss unfairly, they may use the same method or venue to derail somebody else's claim in the future.  On the other hand, I try to remember what combination of letters, estimates, and supporting documents got a claim paid expeditiously, and attempt to handle a similar type of claim in the same fashion.  Having this type of past experience and knowledge, allows me to serve you better.

2. I am industry trained. That means, I at one time handled claims for insurance companies. They trained me how they wanted a claim scoped, estimated, and presented for  payment consideration.  I learned to follow the process and close the claim.  While I no longer follow all the same view-points taught by my former employers, some methods and techniques never change; the policy dictates how a loss should be valued and when payment should be made.  I use what I have learned to benefit you. Furthermore, having the industry education under my belt allows me to know when the carrier may not be handling your claim in the manner indicated by their own Claim Handling Guidelines. This information sometimes provides the edge to get your claim settled.

3. I stay educated. I am required to take at least 20 hours of CE courses every two years, but I generally take a lot more courses than that. I attempt to be acquainted with current building code requirements and  to be aware when changes happen. I familiarize myself with the latest Florida Statutes changes and how they might affect your loss. This type of knowledge is far more important than most policyholders realize. In some cases, this knowledge has added thousands of dollars to my client's claim. I endeavor to acquaint myself with various policy and  policy changes when they occur. Knowing what language and endorsements are contained in your policy is imperative in maximizing your claim payment.

4. I am highly motivated. That means I only get paid when you do. I have a motive in working diligently on your loss. I would also like to get paid for the hard work I put into your claim. I try not to take on more claims than I can reasonably handle. Even if your claim is small, I still give it the attention it deserves. However, let me interject an important comment at this point. While I do get paid a percentage of the insurance settlement, I will still only value your loss at amount which I believe to be correct. I do not write an estimate with the expectation that you will  not pay a deductible.  If you want me to pad my estimate to cover my public adjuster's fee, I am not the person you need to hire. My motto is a fair price for all damages.

5. I am courteous and professional. Seldom do I get excited and talk with a raised voice to the opposing side. This style has worked well for me over the years, and I hope I will not change. If you need someone to shout, scream, and threaten your insurance company, hire someone more versed in this area. I have found that I get a larger settlement for my clients using "honey" rather than vinegar. I try to remember to say or to write words that I do not mind being read before a jury. This quality is important. Generally, if I present your claim in a professional manner, I get a professional response from your carrier.

6. I value integrity. That means I will not be dishonest or lie, and I expect you to do the same. While I have listed this quality number last, it is really # 1 in my mind. Never tell me anything that you would not want repeated. While I am not required to tell the carrier every single word you, and I talk about, I will answer all questions truthfully when asked. While some may not appreciate this  moral value, I am not interested in working for those people who do not. If you are looking to be paid a fair price for your claim, I would like to work for you. If I believe you can get your claim settled without my assistance, I will tell you same. If you value integrity, please give me a call. If I need to hire  a Florida public adjuster, these would be qualities I would be looking for. As you can see, I am looking to work for a certain type of homeowner or business owner. If you are honest, truthful, and fair, let's talk.