Florida Public Adjuster licensing


When a person wishes to transact business as described in 626.854, he must first procure a license as a Florid public adjuster and pass a test. According to the Florida Department of Financial Services, before you may take the examination you must do one of the following:

Completed the Employment Report Form verifying you have satisfied the public adjuster apprentice employment requirement set forth in Florida Statute 626.8541 and 626.8651.Or
Held a license previously as an All Lines Public Adjuster or an all-lines adjuster (company or independent) in the state of Florida.See the exact wording.
If you have to serve as an apprentice, you will have to do so for 12 months before qualifiing to take the exam.  Prohibitions regarding licensing and the procedures to acquire that necessary license are listed below.

  1. 112  License and appointment required; agents, customer representatives, adjusters, insurance agencies, service representatives, managing general agents.—

(1)(a)  No person may be, act as, or advertise or hold himself or herself out to be an insurance agent, insurance adjuster, or customer representative unless he or she is currently licensed by the department and appointed by an appropriate appointing entity or person.

(3) No person shall act as an adjuster as to any class of business for which he or she is not then licensed and appointed.

(9)  Any person who knowingly transacts insurance or otherwise engages in insurance activities in this state without a license in violation of this section commits a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in s.775.082, s.775.083, or s.775.084.

  1. 171  Application for license as an agent, customer representative, adjuster, service representative, managing general agent, or reinsurance intermediary.—

(1)  The department may not issue a license as agent, customer representative, adjuster, service representative, managing general agent, or reinsurance intermediary to any person except upon written application filed with the department, meeting the qualifications for the license applied for as determined by the department, and payment in advance of all applicable fees. The application must be made under the oath of the applicant and be signed by the applicant. An applicant may permit a third party to complete, submit, and sign an application on the applicant’s behalf, but is responsible for ensuring that the information on the application is true and correct and is accountable for any misstatements or misrepresentations. The department shall accept the uniform application for nonresident agent licensing. The department may adopt revised versions of the uniform application by rule.

(2) In the application, the applicant shall set forth:

1(a)  His or her full name, age, social security number, residence address, business address, mailing address, contact telephone numbers, including a business telephone number, and e-mail address.

(b)  A statement indicating the method the applicant used or is using to meet any required prelicensing education, knowledge, experience, or instructional requirements for the type of license applied for.

(c)  Whether he or she has been refused or has voluntarily surrendered or has had suspended or revoked a license to solicit insurance by the department or by the supervising officials of any state.

(d)  Whether any insurer or any managing general agent claims the applicant is indebted under any agency contract or otherwise and, if so, the name of the claimant, the nature of the claim, and the applicant’s defense thereto, if any.

(e) Proof that the applicant meets the requirements for the type of license for which he or she is applying.

(f) The applicant’s gender (male or female).

(g) The applicant’s native language.

(h) The highest level of education achieved by the applicant.

(i) The applicant’s race or ethnicity (African American, white, American Indian, Asian, Hispanic, or other).

(j)  Such other or additional information as the department may deem proper to enable it to determine the character, experience, ability, and other qualifications of the applicant to hold himself or herself out to the public as an insurance representative.

However, the application must contain a statement that an applicant is not required to disclose his or her race or ethnicity, gender, or native language, that he or she will not be penalized for not doing so, and that the department will use this information exclusively for research and statistical purposes and to improve the quality and fairness of the examinations.

(3) Each application shall be accompanied by payment of any applicable fee.

(4)  An applicant for a license as an agent, customer representative, adjuster, service representative, managing general agent, or reinsurance intermediary must submit a set of the individual applicant’s fingerprints, or, if the applicant is not an individual, a set of the fingerprints of the sole proprietor, majority owner, partners, officers, and directors, to the department and must pay the fingerprint processing fee set forth in s.624.501. Fingerprints shall be used to investigate the applicant’s qualifications pursuant to s.626.201. The fingerprints shall be taken by a law enforcement agency, designated examination center, or other department-approved entity. The department shall require all designated examination centers to have fingerprinting equipment and to take fingerprints from any applicant or prospective applicant who pays the applicable fee. The department may not approve an application for licensure as an agent, customer service representative, adjuster, service representative, managing general agent, or reinsurance intermediary if fingerprints have not been submitted.

(5) The application for license filing fee prescribed in s.624.501is not subject to refund.

(6)  Pursuant to the federal Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996, each party is required to provide his or her social security number in accordance with this section. Disclosure of social security numbers obtained through this requirement shall be limited to the purpose of administration of the Title IV-D program for child support enforcement.

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