Levels of Xactimate Certification


Xactimate offers a program which certifies the user's proficiency in the use of Xactimate. The user can be tested on three levels. The Level 1 Certification  is the easiest and recognizes that the user has acquired the basic knowledge and skill in the use of Xactimate. The Level 2 Certification is more difficult and demonstrates that the user has mastered more than just the fundamental skills to use this software. The Level 3 certification is substantively more difficult to pass than the Level 2 certification and confirms that the user has mastered the use of Xactimate and can be considered an expert in matters relating to the use of this product. However, to understand how these levels of certification differ, one must first understand what material the user master before they can pass the test.

Each of the three levels of certification is divided into three sections. The difficulty of the test increases in proportion to the level of certification. The amount of questions and the size the sketch difficulty increases with each level of certification. Click on the links above for specific details concerning each certification. The three sections of testing are as follows:

Sketch and Scope Lab.
Practical Exam.
Knowledge Exam.
The Sketch and Scope Lab require the user to create both a sketch and a damage repair estimate. Xactimate provides room dimensions for walls, roofs, floors, missing walls, doors, and windows, and expects the users to create an accurate estimate based upon dictated dimensions and the stated scope or repairs. It is very important that this segment of the test be done accurately. In the Practical Exam questions will be asked as it relates to the prepared estimate. This portion of the test is not timed and the estimator exit and return from this section of the test as they see fit.

The Practical Exam consists of a 30- 40 questions and is based on the estimate prepared in the Sketch and Scope portion of the exam. The test may ask you to identify the amount of square feet on the walls or floor. The amount of carpet needed to cover the floor in a room. The total liner feet of baseboard in a room. The total liner feet of trim need to cover window openings. How many squares of shingles are to be removed from the roof? What is the liner foot of ridge cap on the roof and more? So you can see it is important to prepare your sketch and estimate accurately if you are to pass this portion of the test. This portion of the test is time and generally takes between 30- 90 minutes.

The Knowledge Exam consists of 30-40 questions and is based on learning objectives established by Xactimate. In other words, they want you to understand how their product works. I have found this portion of the exam to be the hardest. Most of us have certain ways we prepare a claim. Xactimate contains bells and whistles that I may just choose not to use, but Xactimate still wants me to know that they exist and how they are used. This portion of the test requires me to be knowledgeable about all portions and areas of Xactimate. Some of the leaning objective descriptions are as follows: Managing parameter, notes, labor burdens, tags, and importing contact information. Demonstrating and understanding in sketch, use of Xactanalysis, importing a floor plan, group filters, tools, importing price lists, calculating waste, understanding value abbreviations and expressions, calculating area under a stairway, and so much more.

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