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Screen Enclosure DamagedAA Florida Public Adjusting Agency, LLC is a public adjusting company located in Zephyrhills Florida.  My company handles residential, business, and mobile home insurance claims. Water loss is one of most common claims a home owner may experience. Coverage for this type of loss is systemically being reduced by many carriers.  It is important that you understand what is covered under your policy. I may be able to help. When a water loss takes place within  a home with a concrete slab, the damages may be significant, but when a mobile or manufactured home is damaged by a water loss, the amount of damage percentage wise is substantially much worse. When a particle board flooring is damaged by water, it usually requires replacing of that entire area. The scope of repairs might include but is not limited to the following, Subflooring, insulation, bellyboard, ac ducts, base, floor covering, cabinets, Doors, trim, drywall, paneling and much more. Hire someone who knows what items should be repaired by your contractor, but also knows how to get your insurance company to pay you fairly. 

Many mobile home policies do not contain Replacement Cost Coverage; they are sold with  as an actual cash value policy.  This means you will not be made whole when you receive a settlement from the insurer. The carrier will figure out what it will cost to make the repairs and then apply depreciation and your deductible to your settlement check. Sometimes the insurance company will depreciate your claim by the age of your home.  This method of depreciation can many times be over inflated when considering the actual condition of your home. Again, you may need help in receiving a fair settlement. 

If your home is damaged by fire, give us a call. It may be that our services may not be needed, but I am more than happy to offer advice, pointing you in the right direction. If your home, business, or mobile home is damage by fire, there as specific Florida Statutes which the insurance company must comply


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