In Southwest Florida damage caused by hail is infrequent and damage depends on various factors. Hail with a diameter of .75 inches or greater is more common in north Central Florida or in Northern Florida. Many times Florida homeowners are unsure if dime and nickel size hail caused damage to their roof. In my insurance career, I have settled thousands of hail claims. I draw from a wealth of experience when it comes to hail damage. I can help you make an informed decision.

Damage caused by hail can vary from roof to roof. Shingles nearing the end of their life expectancy are more easily damaged by hail than shingles which have just been installed. 20 yr 3 tab shingles are more easily damaged than a 40 year laminate shingle. Steep roofs sometimes sustain less damage then a roof of minimal pitch. Under windy conditions a steep roof may sustain more damage that a low-sloped roof.

If you are not sure whether you should report your claim, then you should give me a call. Remember you are required by your policy to report all losses; the problem most people have is determining whether or not they have a loss. I am of the opinion, that you should have your roof checked by a hail expert. So, whatever decision you make, you should not procrastinate. Either call in your claim immediately and have your roof inspected by your carrier's adjuster or call an expert to examine your roof, and if he finds damage then call the claim in immediately.

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