A vandalism claim may have time limitations. If you have been away for an extended period of time, your claim my be denied. I may be able to help you in this matter, but you need to call immediately.

The first thing you need to do is call the police. Unless your home is in some type of immediate danger or someones life or health is being compromised, do not starting cleaning up or checking to see what has been vandalised or stolen. Allow law enforcement to see and document the loss first. You will need a copy of the police report. Then, contact your insurance company immediately. Ask them if you should leave the house untouched until their adjuster arrives or if they would like for you to just document the loss with pictures. If your house is unlivable, advise your insurance company and agent. My best advice is this. What ever you are told by your insurance company, you should place the same in writing and mail your letter by registered mail to them . It is also wise to cc your agent on all conversations with the insurer.

You have to comply with Duties After Loss as stated in your insurance policy. If you do not know what your duties are, please feel free to call me.

If your Vandalism claim has been denied, you should call me immediately.

Please see a sample of Duties After Loss. The wording found in this sample policy may be different from the wording found in your policy. Failure to comply with the wording in your policy could result in your entire claim being denied. While the majority of the homeowners' insurance policies address the Coverages, Conditions, and Responsibilities of the insurance company, this section addresses the responsibilities and duties of the insured after a loss. Failure of the insured to perform these duties can potentially reduce or even negate insurance coverage that would otherwise be available.

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