On May 17, 2011 Governor Scott signed Senate Bill 408. This bill has drastically reduced sinkhole coverage in the State of Florida. While SB 408 has drastically reduced the exposure of the insurance company, it has left the insured wide open to a peril of which coverage can not be purchased. By simply redefining the term "sinkhole" your insurance company may be exempt from paying for such damages as crack walls and floors, cracked floor tiles, doors which no longer close, windows which no longer open, and pools which now leak water. In my opinion, this new bill has not been good to the consumer. The baby was thrown out with the bath water. I will admit that changes were needed, but this new legislation is over the top. The reason that reasonable men and women voted for such an unreasonable bill, remains to be seen.

If you have sinkhole coverage, and notice some of the damages listed above, please give me a call. I may still be able to help you under specific circumstances. Follow ths link for sinkhole coverage

Please see a sample of Duties After Loss . While the wording found in this sample policy may be different from the wording found in your policy, failure to comply with the wording in your policy could result in your entire claim being denied.

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